Barr Too Low: Andy Barr's Budget A Bummer for Central and Eastern Kentucky - Elisabeth Jensen for Congress

Barr Too Low: Andy Barr's Budget A Bummer for Central and Eastern Kentucky



April 10, 2014 

“It should surprise no one that today Andy Barr once again supported a reckless budget that throws Kentucky’s working families and seniors under the bus. Andy Barr’s budget is a slap in the face that would actually end the Medicare guarantee, turn it into a voucher program, reopen the prescription drug donut hole and make seniors pay more for health care – while lining the pockets of their special interest donors. Kentuckians deserve someone who will fight for their jobs, cut spending the right way and reduce our deficit – but not on the backs of seniors and the middle class,” said Elisabeth Jensen.

In Kentucky, seniors would lose more than $6.7 billion in existing benefits, affecting more than 300,000 people. The AARP said of the Barr Budget that it will “simply increase costs for beneficiaries while removing Medicare's promise of secure health coverage” and the non- partisan Congressional Budget Office found Medicare benefits “would likely shrink. 

Elisabeth Jensen, as an executive of a non-profit and with deep experience in the business community, brings the tools and experience needed to get the economy working again. She is running for Congress to seek common sense, bi-partisan solutions to the challenges facing our country.

GOP Plan would cut up to 34 billion from health care - benefits/KY_DPCC_Nursing_home18.pdf


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