Jensen Takes on Barr and McConnell for Trying to Repeal Kentucky Kynect

Jensen Takes on Barr and McConnell for Trying to Repeal Kentucky Kynect


LEXINGTON, KY – Democratic congressional candidate Elisabeth Jensen is launching a radio ad embracing the work of Governor Steve Beshear for doing healthcare right with Kentucky Kynect, which now covers more than 402,000 Kentuckians. While she’s at it, she takes Republican Senator Mitch McConnell and the congressman she is challenging, U.S. Rep. Andy Barr, to task for their repeated attempts to undermine that Kentucky Kynect for people who had no insurance.

Click here to listen to the ad.

“I often say Kentucky moms like me get more done by noon than Congress gets done in a week.  So when I learned Congressman Andy Barr voted 19 times to repeal healthcare reform I was disappointed. 

“Thanks to Governor Beshear, Kentucky Kynect provides healthcare to Kentuckians who had no insurance.  But Barr, along with Mitch McConnell, voted to end Kynect and let insurance companies drop coverage, deny care and charge women more.”

Barr has been in office as 6th District Congressman since January 2013. Since then, he has voted at least 19 times to repeal healthcare. His latest effort was just last week, when he cast his vote for the disastrous Ryan Budget, which would also change Medicare as we know it. During his career, he has taken more than $148,000 in contributions from the insurance industry, according to

Overall, Congress has voted about 54 times to repeal the health care law. McConnell has been lampooned nationally for grossly distorting statistics, particularly when Governor Beshear’s office was reporting great success right here in Kentucky.

Jensen’s radio ad will begin airing in Central Kentucky tomorrow. Click here to listen to the ad.

About Elisabeth Jensen:

Elisabeth Jensen, as an executive of a non-profit and with deep experience in the business community, brings the tools and experience needed to get the economy working again. She is running for Congress to seek common sense, bi-partisan solutions to the challenges facing our country.


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    Thank You Mrs.Jensen for speaking up. It's a shame that the insurance companies can buy people,148 thousand, isn't that illegal

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