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The Shelter Pet Project

“We anticipate lots of visitors to return to the campus for quite a lot of things,” KC Pet Project’s Chief Communications Officer Tori Fugate mentioned. Kansas City Campus for Animal Care in Swope Park is anticipated to open Jan. 1. Just down the street from the Kansas City Zoo, the campus is three times greater than the present shelter, has “concern-free” housing for animals and could have the capability to absorb extra animals. But the KC Pet Project didn’t have the correct amount of area at 4400 Raytown Road, close to the Royals’ and Chiefs’ stadium complicated.


The three-legged cat shares Cousin Nancy and Tony’s trailer on the Rescue Ranch with twelve canines, whom he routinely retains consistent with the mere swat of a paw. With the identical solitary front paw, he has killed two rattlesnakes. Strong, good-looking, and excessive-spirited, he is an emblem of what a little love can do. More than one thousand Rescue Ranch residents have already been welcomed into loving properties all over the country.

More than anything, it seems like a peaceful, joyful orphanage. Fugate additionally stated KC Pet Project has been in the animal sheltering service for eight years and privatizing any metropolis service is a giant step. Tori Fugate, corporate communications officer for KC Pet Project, told 41 Action News in the event that they select not to reapply, the city will work to find them jobs within the city with comparable pay and position title. Current animal management officers will be able to apply for jobs with KC Pet Project in the event that they select to. On Dec. 1, KC Pet Project will officially take over all operations of animal management in the metropolis with its new Animal Services Division at the shelter.

Brooklyn Veterinary Hospital is pleased to announce The Pet Project For Wounded VeteransSM program. The Kansas City Campus for Animal Care opens Jan. 1 at 6900 Elmwood Ave. in Swope Park.

It’s why Loar campaigned in 2015 on the thought of a new facility, and in April 2018, the council unanimously accredited funding for a brand new building. But after the nonprofit KC Pet Project took over shelter operations in 2012 and transformed it to no-kill, attitudes began to alter, she stated. You might additionally use it for a poster or something if needed.

If you watch rigorously, you might even see Cousin Nancy cry. About three years ago, my father, Tom Friedman, in the last 12 months of his life, provided the Rescue Ranch with a new house on the scenic east flat of Echo Hill. Here the animals, in spacious outside pens, are cared for by Nancy and Tony, sheltered by the surrounding hills, and shielded from a world that, at greatest, has never been very kind to them.

I personally have supported The Pet Project and attended events. The Pet Project is making a big difference in our group right here in Broward County. The Pet Project staff of workers and volunteers play a crucial position in animal welfare and so they readily encourage and assist different rescue teams’ efforts as nicely.

KC Pet Project will start a transition period Sept. 1 with current animal health and security officers with the town, which is able to last through Nov. 30. KANSAS CITY, Mo. — In a call greater than two years within the works, Kansas City Pet Project will take over Kansas City, Missouri’s Animal Control after an 11-2 vote by the town council. Kansas City Pet Project will assume responsibilities for Kansas City, Missouri, animal management on Sept. 1.