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$15,000 In Cash Prizes For Best Films At The 2018 Animal Film Festival

Maybe your parents thought the dinosaur consuming a man off the bathroom in “Jurassic Park” was too violent, or that “To Kill a Mockingbird” talked about taboo matters. Not all animals are cute and cuddly, and these movie beasts are sure to put slightly spring in your step (as you run in the wrong way!).

Animals Work

Sure, the concept seems fairly tame now, however in 1963,The Birds was horrifying. The movie received an Oscar nomination for Best Special Effects, and produced real-trying birds able to pecking out eyes and blowing up a gasoline station.

Some of essentially the most harrowing scenes in vegan filmmaker can be found in Earthlings, which is narrated by Jaoquin Phoenix. It’s one of the distressing depictions of animal struggling you’re likely to see, and a movie that can definitely stay with you. It’s a humorous piece of filmmaking, and manages to keep away from the earnest high quality that turns so many individuals off the subject matter. is another example, the forest being a fearful, dangerous place where cannibal witches live. I suppose as a complete we’ve become more thoughtful of newer stories told to kids, but the portrayal of animals and ‘wild’ places as evil lingers in movie.

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