A Protocol For The Ethical Assessment Of Wild Animal

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What Kinds Of Animals Can Rehabilitators Care For?

However, nothing on this chapter requires a metropolis or county to adopt an ordinance to be in compliance with this chapter. An animal management authority or legislation enforcement officer could euthanize a probably harmful wild animal under this part only if all identified reasonable placement choices, together with relocation to a wildlife sanctuary, are unavailable. If the animal control authority or law enforcement officer is unable to relocate the animal within an inexpensive period of time, it might euthanize the animal.

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It is the intent of the state of Washington to guard the public towards the serious well being and safety dangers that dangerous wild animals pose to the group. See greater than 500 lions, tigers, bears, leopards, cougars, wolves and other carnivores rescued from unlawful or abusive conditions, roaming freely in species-specific habitats on 789 acres of open grassland.

The Sanctuary is open every day to the general public (except holidays and dangerous weather), 9am – sundown for educational functions and features a “Mile Into The Wild” elevated walkway that spans the sanctuary’s open habitats and allows guests to see the animals roaming freely. “We later published many papers and well-liked science articles, urging everyone to stop eating wild animals and to not have too close contact with wild animals. Only the well being of untamed animals and the well being of ecosystems can [secure] human health,” he was reported as saying on the web site of Pro-Med, the … Read More

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