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For example, the 1978 movie, “Apocalypse Now,” depicts the true ritual sacrifice of a water buffalo. In the 2011 comedy, “Zookeeper,” a giraffe died as a result of consuming a chunk of tarp which coated his 20’ X 20’ stall. During filming of the 2012 Oscar-winning film, “The Life of Pi,” the tiger “King,” reportedly suffered a close to-drowning during a scene which being filmed in a water tank.

Cruelty legal guidelines would be usually relevant to animals used in filmed media as there appears to be no exceptions underneath most state cruelty laws that would exempt film producers. For example, Washington makes it a class C felony to deliberately “inflict substantial ache” on any animal.

I showed her the mouse once more and squeaked it and pretended to place it there. And then I walked out of the room, and after I let Niki walk in, she immediately began barking — going crazy to get that. Probably what they did was they’d somebody within the attic space who had something the dog wanted. “We wished to tell this story about wild Europe 20,000 years ago by way of the point of view of the wild animals,” Stephane Durand, one of many film’s screenwriters, told in an interview final month.

The stories themselves shine a lightweight on the animals and the individuals who love them. As a young woman (born in 1954) we lived in Thousand Oaks ca where many movies we made. When I was … Read More

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For example, the elephants within the latter film have been subjected to electroshocks and stun guns, and were beaten with bull hooks. Clearly, the AHA’s “No Animals Were Harmed” seal of approval is extraordinarily misleading to filmmakers and audiences alike. According to PETA, “the AHA doesn’t monitor living situations of animals off set, throughout pre-production coaching, or through the premature separation of infants from their moms. The group, which is funded by the Screen Actors Guild – the very industry that it’s monitoring – not often, if ever, files formal complaints when animals are mistreated.

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As Anjelica Huston points out within the video above, there’s nothing glamorous about showbiz for animals, and animal abuse in films is not uncommon. These animals are then pressured to spend most of their lives in small, filthy cages, deprived of everything that’s pure and necessary to them. And but, the AHA actively defends using animal ‘actors’ in film and tv productions despite expert testimony indicating that “most wild animals cannot be trained for leisure without subjecting them to physical abuse.” according to PETA. But what about ‘animal actors’ in films, like Every Which Way But Loose (that includes an orangutan) or Water for Elephants (with an elephant ‘star’)? Well, you’ll be saddened to study that these animals undergo what’s principally torture so as to be able to ‘act’.

People contact [me] and [say], ‘It’s a really cute cat and does these things,’ and the second the cat … Read More

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