Why A Cat Vet?

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Learn about the many animals we have in our care and how you can bring them residence to be a part of your loved ones. Just because the health care wants of humans change as we age, the same applies to canines and cats. By working closely with a member of our skilled employees to plot an individualized treatment plan in your senior pet, we all could be assured that we are doing our best to alleviate pain and suffering. Unlike canine, cats are obligate carnivores, which implies they have to eat animal protein to be wholesome. Unfortunately for cats, animal protein is dearer than vegetation, so many pet meals corporations have fallen all over themselves to persuade us, as cat dad and mom, that vegetables are GOOD for cats.

Remember that these are general recommendations and no two animals are exactly alike. HSC is devoted to connecting our canines and cats with new owners who will love and care for them.

The Milo Sanctuary is residence to approximately 200+ animals at any given time, principally dogs and cats whom want time for rehabilitation or socialization, but also a wide range of cattle. The Sanctuary is situated on 283 acres in Mendocino County, providing a lot of room for rescued animals to run and play. If we suspect your pet’s health situation may be caused by an allergy, our veterinary staff offers pet allergy testing for dogs and cats. Based on the outcomes, desensitization sublingual drop therapy could be designed particularly in your pet.

Inflammatory bowel illness is epidemic in home cats, but not in feral cats. It’s onerous to keep away from the conclusion that cat meals made utilizing more plant matter and fewer meat are in all probability hurting our cats (see our guide on choosing a meals for kitty). Although primarily carnivorous, dogs are far better in a position to course of no matter calorie sources can be found. Again, this makes sense for a species that lives in packs – animal protein rarity is going to be a more frequent occurrence for them. We are a pet care clinic situated in Leavenworth and have been serving to (primarily) canine and cats live happier and more healthy because the 1970’s.

We’ve even introduced in injured strays while we look for their properties. The following are examples of our basic suggestions for cats and dogs–vaccination plans, parasite control, and dental care–with some rationalization of common illnesses and signs.

At the UC Davis veterinary hospital, the well being and wellness of your pets is our #1 precedence. Preventative care is among the most necessary issues you can do in your animals. Our basic practices will hold your pet in the most effective health possible through a multitude of choices similar to wellness examinations, vaccinations, spay and neuter surgeries, and remedy of minor ailments. Should a extra serious problem along with your pet be identified, the hospital’s specialty providers can help with practically any harm or illness your pet may have.